5 Life-Changing Concepts I Learned in 10 Months of Working Out Every Day

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I’m not a nutritionist or personal trainer to know everything about diets or fitness. My knowledge revolves around how my own body works and experiences.

Since I was 12 I’ve always struggled with my weight, in school, they bullied me a lot for my extra pounds. That is why I’ve always experimented around diets and work out routines.

Since I graduated from college there was no excuse for my laziness and I decided to give it another try. On the 16th of December 2019, I started the journey of working out every day.

In that time I was a total amount of 194 pounds, today as I’m writing this article I weight 164 pounds.

I want to share 5 hacks that can help out if you want to improve your physical condition. The last one will surprise you.

1. There is No Perfect Routine

This applies to every routine you can think of, morning or night, etc. The important part is to understand that you have to keep on improving every day.

At the beginning of my journey, I only thought about waking up early in the morning and going out for a run. That worked out fine for a couple of weeks, then I felt like it was too much a struggle to start my mornings early. Along the day I didn’t have the same energy as always and I could only blame my early rise.

Scientific research shows that there is no special time to workout, you can do it as it suits your lifestyle. There is the recommended early workout to start the day with energy, but that doesn’t always work out (haha).

I have changed the hour of my workout from 7 am to 12 pm to 7 pm in the past 10 months. Giving time to my body to adapt to the new regimen and then changing it again.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect time but the monotony does kill the vibe

Don’t be afraid to change up things around as you progress in your goal. That will keep your mind fresh and motivated to keep up with the effort.

2. Rest is More Important Than You Think

Ambition is a powerful force that drives us to demand more and more from ourselves. In the middle of my journey, as I started getting results in bite-sized amounts, greediness arised.

My workout to that point consisted only in 30 minutes of light cardio and then a Youtube routine for another 30. Then my dark side pointed out we should double the amount and intensity of cardio to get results faster. And to even make it more inhuman I would skip rest days.

I managed to keep that routine up for almost a month, because of my resilience and stubbornness. That did not help at all with my results but also injured my back. I was very lucky to end up with sore muscles after that. Something inside told me that I should stop it before it got worse.

Making the mental effort to forget about my immediate need to see faster results was hard.

The recommendation is simple, take at least one day off if you are working out every day. It doesn’t mean that you do nothing all day, you can take a walk or do some yoga. Stretching and resting the muscles every Sunday is something that helped me maintain my drive and improved my strength.

Ph.D. Len Kravitz of the UNM states;

Recovery from exercise training is an integral component of the overall training program and is essential for optimal performance and improvement.

Don’t underestimate the importance that rest days have for your body. If you think that skipping on them will make you be fitter, think again.

3. Mold Your Body, Don’t Break It

Starting new things is always hard but being patient with your body is even harder.

The first time you try out the “Millionaire morning routine” or the “Lose weight in 10 days program”, there is a high probability you won’t do it right. Don’t let that discourage you, trying and improving on 1% every day is how you get the results.

Even today after 10 months I struggled with my morning routine. Had to sleep for 30 minutes after breakfast because my body didn’t feel well. And that is ok. It’s my first day in this routine so I have to be patient with myself, I know it will take a while to adapt.

Have faith that after a couple of days of following a new regimen you will feel better. There are no magical fixes, the way to getting what you want is through constant repetition.

Is important that you notice the little changes in the way you feel about your routine. I like to keep a journal for this. You can start a Journal using an app like Notion, I like it because is very easy to use and has cross-platform apps.

The way I journal about my routines is through writing how I feel first. Then I write about the struggles that I had during my routine, like how many times I hit the snooze button. Finally, I like to make a list of the things that I am working on today:

  • New Youtube workout
  • New recipe for a fit dessert
  • Skipping yesterdays nap

I wrap this up in less than half an hour, usually between my writing time or work to give my mind something to rest on.

4. Adapt To Life — Think Long Therm

I won’t lie to you, there are days in which I couldn’t get to my workout. The reason was always something unexpected, as life is full of this kind of events. Don’t let that discourage you, have a long term vision.

When something unexpected ruined my plans I always got upset, also ruining my peace of mind. That would take all the possible progress of the day to the gutter.

Be mindful that sometimes things don’t align the way we want them to. Avoid stress by thinking that tomorrow you have the opportunity to workout with double the energy. If that is too hard you can change up your rest day so you don’t skip on more than one.

Being selfish with your workout time is not wrong, if you don’t put in the effort no one will do it for you.

But there is a difference between that and being obsessed. If you can’t be flexible around your routines there is something wrong. Your results come from the work you have done along the journey, not from only one day.

I like to think about it as compound interest, the progress that I make today will be visible in the future. Sticking to healthy habits and avoiding bad ones will show in the long run. So don’t worry about a simple day, think about your weekly or monthly goal.

5. You Don’t Need a Diet

This is a surprise for everyone I encounter that knew me from before my big change. They always want to know the diet that made it possible, the secret behind my achievement.

When I tell them that I just followed “what my body felt like” they go silent and don’t believe it.

Of course, I don’t eat a Whopper every day, but I’ve never gone to a nutritionist or followed a specific diet. Heck, I always eat what my parents or relatives have.

I don’t buy any vegan or organic products, and I’m still reluctant to consume sugarfree or light products. I know what kind of food is getting into my body, I never eat things that seem to have large amounts of anything. As they say, everything in excess is bad.

So, my main focus on eating is based on the following rules:

  • Never eat too much, I don’t like to feel overfull.
  • Drink a glass of water before starting to eat (helps with the overeating).
  • Keep a good balance of vegetables, fruits and meat. Variety is important.
  • Have your sweet tooth satisfied in the morning, don’t eat sugar late in the afternoon.
  • Don’t worry about eating cakes or sweets, but prefer to consume high quality and low fat or sugar products.
  • Don’t consume anything between meals, the “keep your metabolism running” is BS.
  • I have a 12 hour fast every day, from 21:00 to 9:00. It isn’t hard, get your mind around the benefits.

In the past 10 months, my diet has not changed a lot. I love to drink my coffee with some bread or cookies. Those are homemade so they are high-quality materials.

Having a good diet is excellent for losing weight and being healthy, but depriving yourself of the things that you love is no way of living.

Give It a Try

I know it’s scary, take it one step at a time and have a lot of patience. I hope that you would feel inspired after reading my experience, it’s far from perfect and I have a long way to go. Understanding the last part is my greatest achievement.




M.Sc. in Pharmacy. Love to Share Knowledge through Content Creation. Future Polyglot. For Blogs in Spanish— cosmena.com.mx

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Leonardo Romo

Leonardo Romo

M.Sc. in Pharmacy. Love to Share Knowledge through Content Creation. Future Polyglot. For Blogs in Spanish— cosmena.com.mx

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