Is Medium Better Than any Self-Development Book?

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Have you wondered why today the best way to do marketing is by storytelling?

Of course, everyone loves a good story but, people these days are preferring short and high-quality content. The reality is that we have too much to do and little time.

I will tell you why I think Medium can provide much more value to your life than a self-development book.

Save Your Precious Time

This is a no brainer, reading takes a lot of time.

You can become a great reader and be able to skim through countless books in the matter of a year. But still, it will take you a year.

The advantage that short and concise stories provide to your life is that they take no more than 5 to 10 minutes to extract the juice out of them. Instead of having to read a 5000 word chapter just to get one tip on improving your time management (see the irony?).

I believe you are better off reading articles related to your self-development journey instead of a book.

Authors have the obligation of spreading the content along numerous pages to make a book. It’s known that editorial houses require a certain amount of pages for a piece of literature to be published.

In that sense, you can expect to find many books that can be summarized in a couple of pages. Meaning that is more convenient to read the condensed material.

A Million Brains are Better than One

Most of the books in the world are made by a single author, just as any Medium post out there. However, there is a big advantage that comes from the core of the digital world. You can reach out to the author very quickly.

Many people overlook the power of comments and conversations.

Being able to express your thoughts and feelings that come just after reading the material is more fulfilling. This feedback allows you and the author to grow and create a personal bond. It will also encourage you to try out the advice you’ve been given.

Fight Procrastination

You may be surprised by hearing that reading self-development books generate the opposite effect. They fill up your mind with optimism and motivation to better your life. There is nothing wrong with that but, you never get to apply what you’ve just read.

Reading this type of book can induce dopamine secretion on your brain. Just as any drug, thus they can become addicting.

The first thing you do after finishing one is starting another one. Keeping you on the bench of your life, practically waiting for things to improve while reading how much they can.

In that sense, you are procrastinating at self-development. You never take action on the things that you read and fill on motivation.

I believe Medium is much better at keeping things moving in your life. Even if you decide not to take action on what you read, the act of clapping or leaving a comment is still meaningful.

Updated Content and Advice

The underlying issue with reading a self-development book from the 1900s like Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill is that those were very different times.

You can’t compare today’s conditions to those in which people strived a hundred years ago. Although. some things are ageless others are not so much.

The constant flow of information that Medium provides to its users can allow you to maintain up to date with many different experiences. Even they can encourage you to try out a new trending way of thinking.

The new technologies that are created every year provide you with endless possibilities to improve yourself. So being able to stay up to date by reading about it, is a great difference between books and Medium.

A Lot of Them are Jibberish

It isn’t surprising that people take advantage of a growing niche in the market. Thus, many authors of self-development books are just giving the same information in different words. These authors that nominate themselves as speakers or growth gurus can fool many people.

They are just doing it for the money.

You have to be careful with the type of content you consume. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish a good book from the endless pile that exists.

My only recommendation is that you feel the book. Be identified by what the author preaches, and if that doesn’t happen, just throw it out.

I’m not against books

Just self-development books.

I enjoy reading a good book with a coffee cup no more than anyone loves a good success story. But I focus my reading time into leisure, classic novels, and great literary masterpieces. Heck, I even enjoyed reading the Hunger Games trilogy back when they were popular.

It’s not about being against books, but to raise awareness that you are better off reading short articles instead of a self-development one. And I have read them, something that I don’t regret but definitely would avoid today.

In conclusion

I recommend everyone out there to be picky with self-development books, you are better off with a summary. I encourage you to take care of your time and live it the best way you can think of. If you have read a great self-development book, I would love to hear about it.




M.Sc. in Pharmacy. Love to Share Knowledge through Content Creation. Future Polyglot. For Blogs in Spanish—

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Leonardo Romo

Leonardo Romo

M.Sc. in Pharmacy. Love to Share Knowledge through Content Creation. Future Polyglot. For Blogs in Spanish—

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